Roofers Stafford: Take Care of Your Roofs and Make it Last Longer

What is the difference between well-maintained roofs from poorly maintained ones? Of course, well maintained roofs last longer. Roofers in Stoke on Trent noticed that one of the most overlooked item in a house are roofs. We often forget to maintain it because we do not see it as much as other items in the house like windows, doors, walls and ceilings. Unmaintained roofs cause you to change it too soon without maximizing its use. The result of this will cost you a lot of money rather than being able to save some. Here are some easy ways on how to take care of your roofs:

1. Scrape and get rid of the moss on your roof. Moss is a plant that grows well in moist areas. Roofs tend to be more humid because of the climate change that invites moss to grow. When moss grows on the roof, it thickens and makes the roof rise allowing water to get into your roofs which cause leaks inside your house. Roofers Stoke on Trent says once measure you can take to remove moss from your roof is applying roof cleaner. It is a liquid solution that get rids of the moss and prevents it from growing back right away. You can do this yourself or you can hire an expert.

2. Keep your gutters clean. Gutters guide water away from your house. If you have clogged gutters it may lead them inside your house. Expect that you will have water damage and insect or animals may nest on them. These critters may live in your gutters and can also find their way inside your house. Clean your gutters from any trash, leave, and twig because all of these can help maximize the lifespan of your roof. Too much weight on your gutters can deform it and may cost you more money to have it replaced. If you are not comfortable with ladders and heights you can hire someone to do it for you.

3. Trim off overhanging branches from the tree near your house. Tree branches near your roof can touch your roof and eventually damage it, especially by strong winds. Trees are also a place where some animals like squirrels and rodents may live. These unwanted guests may use the tree branch as a bridge to your house. The tree branches that you trimmed off can also be used in your fireplace to warm you up. If you don’t have the right equipment for this task, there are services out there that can do this for you.

4. Prevent ice dams on your roof. After a heavy snowfall, ice builds up which cause ice dams on your roof to happen. It is caused when warm air in the attic causes the roof to warm and the snow to melt. The ice traps melted water, which can seep back up under shingles and drip through the roof into your house. You can prevent this by having a cold roof or scraping the snow off. Be careful with ice because it may be very slippery.

5. Examine your roof after a heavy weather. Make sure to examine your roof so you can have it repaired immediately if ever it was damaged by a hail storm or a heavy rainfall. You do not need to climb up the roof; if you have binoculars standing by it may be handy to use when checking your roof. There are roof repairs Stoke on Trent available. If you see any damage; call an expert and have it fixed right away.

Be sure to always take safety precautions doing these things. You can always hire someone to maintain your roof. Maintaining a roof is cheaper than having to change it entirely.

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