Laugh Your Heart Out: Comedy Bars In Stoke On Trent

Are you stressed at your work lately? Want to have a night full of fun and laughter? Try to visit these awesome places in Stoke-on-Trent. They will entertain and give you a good laugh and it gets you to forget your problems for a while.

Glee Club Hanley

Since 1994 Glee Club have been bringing the very best comedians and musicians to clubs for you to enjoy. Their experienced team have brought an unparalleled combination of comedians, music acts and entertainers to our clubs with a list of names that any venue would envy.

Their history is a proof that all the best comedians and musicians also love to play. The Glee so please take a look at what’s coming up at a club near you and join us soon for great night of entertainment.

ROFL Comedy Club

Every Saturday night, the best live comedy in Stoke On Trent at the only full time comedy club in the city. Doors open at 19:00, last entry is at 19:40. We run a ticketless guest list – simply give the name the booking is made in at the door to be shown to your seats.

The Show starts at 20:00 and usually finishes around 22:30. There are two intervals in which you can get food and drinks from the bar and the doors are opened for smokers to go outside. The bar is cash only and is closed whilst the performers are on stage but open during the intervals. Hot food can be ordered before the show starts or in the first interval and is delivered to your table.

Laugh Out Loud Comedy Bar

You will love the night and regularly go with friends and family in this bar. In fact it could be your favourite night out. There’s a variety of acts something to suit almost everyone. The regular compare is great and always gets the crowd going! Always come away with the feel good factor nothing better than sitting and laughing for a couple of hours. Strongly advise anyone to give it a try!!