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Roof Repairs Stoke On Trent: 5 Signs Your Roof Needs A Replacement

Your roof needs some care from time to time. There are situations where your roof tells you that it needs checking. Here are some signs that you need to replace your roof.

  1. The roof is sagging. You should have your roof checked immediately when you see your roof is sagging. A sagging roof is only an indication of a structural issue. There could be a problem with the decking in the attic or probably worse with the support foundation. It does not necessarily mean that you are in danger but its a lot easier to take care of the issue while it’s still not progressing a lot. It’s best that you should call an expert right away, Roofers In Stoke On Trent can help you out.
  2. There is sunlight coming from the attic. This is really not a good sign because if light can get in so can rain, cold air, snow also can. Check for light and also look for water stains. If you find any, watch them over a few rainfalls and if they change shape or size, that means you’ve got an active leak. If this is the condition of your roof then it’s time to replace it you can call Roof Repairs Stoke On Trent to assist you.
  3. Your shingles are turning. Shingles always turn two ways. Cupping happens when the edges of the shingles turn upwards. Clawing this happens when the edges of the shingles stay flat and then the middle part starts to come up. This all happens because of wear and tear and due to different weather conditions potentially leaks would come soon if this problem is not taken seriously. Roofers Stafford can help take care of this problem immediately call us now our operators are standing by!
  4. You can see cracked shingles. Cracked shingles are typically a result of wind damage. If just a few shingles are cracked, you can certainly replace them. If the cracking isn’t isolated to one particular area and it’s random throughout the roof, that’s a telltale sign that you should start thinking about a new roof. You may need to replace the whole thing within three to five years.
  5. An entire shingle is missing. This one is very obvious that you get your roofs replaced and from a functional standpoint, there should be no problem with just replacing a few shingles here and there. What you do need to be prepared for is the fact that it’s just about impossible to get a new shingle to match the color of an old one. Granule colors have changed pretty significantly over the years. Plus, the colors change slightly with weathering. You can keep patching until a bigger issue presents itself, but if a roof starts to look like a checkerboard, people often opt to replace the whole thing.

Roofers Stafford: Take Care of Your Roofs and Make it Last Longer

What is the difference between well-maintained roofs from poorly maintained ones? Of course, well maintained roofs last longer. Roofers in Stoke on Trent noticed that one of the most overlooked item in a house are roofs. We often forget to maintain it because we do not see it as much as other items in the house like windows, doors, walls and ceilings. Unmaintained roofs cause you to change it too soon without maximizing its use. The result of this will cost you a lot of money rather than being able to save some. Here are some easy ways on how to take care of your roofs:

1. Scrape and get rid of the moss on your roof. Moss is a plant that grows well in moist areas. Roofs tend to be more humid because of the climate change that invites moss to grow. When moss grows on the roof, it thickens and makes the roof rise allowing water to get into your roofs which cause leaks inside your house. Roofers Stoke on Trent says once measure you can take to remove moss from your roof is applying roof cleaner. It is a liquid solution that get rids of the moss and prevents it from growing back right away. You can do this yourself or you can hire an expert.

2. Keep your gutters clean. Gutters guide water away from your house. If you have clogged gutters it may lead them inside your house. Expect that you will have water damage and insect or animals may nest on them. These critters may live in your gutters and can also find their way inside your house. Clean your gutters from any trash, leave, and twig because all of these can help maximize the lifespan of your roof. Too much weight on your gutters can deform it and may cost you more money to have it replaced. If you are not comfortable with ladders and heights you can hire someone to do it for you.

3. Trim off overhanging branches from the tree near your house. Tree branches near your roof can touch your roof and eventually damage it, especially by strong winds. Trees are also a place where some animals like squirrels and rodents may live. These unwanted guests may use the tree branch as a bridge to your house. The tree branches that you trimmed off can also be used in your fireplace to warm you up. If you don’t have the right equipment for this task, there are services out there that can do this for you.

4. Prevent ice dams on your roof. After a heavy snowfall, ice builds up which cause ice dams on your roof to happen. It is caused when warm air in the attic causes the roof to warm and the snow to melt. The ice traps melted water, which can seep back up under shingles and drip through the roof into your house. You can prevent this by having a cold roof or scraping the snow off. Be careful with ice because it may be very slippery.

5. Examine your roof after a heavy weather. Make sure to examine your roof so you can have it repaired immediately if ever it was damaged by a hail storm or a heavy rainfall. You do not need to climb up the roof; if you have binoculars standing by it may be handy to use when checking your roof. There are roof repairs Stoke on Trent available. If you see any damage; call an expert and have it fixed right away.

Be sure to always take safety precautions doing these things. You can always hire someone to maintain your roof. Maintaining a roof is cheaper than having to change it entirely.

Roofers in Stoke on Trent: Investing On Your Roofs and Saving Money

Our houses always have an upper cover called a roof. Many of us forget the importance of roofs because we are so accustomed to it. Roofers in Stoke on Trent remarks that we usually do not mind what material it is made of as long as it complements the beauty of the house. It’s like being in a scenario of buying a house; many of us would not consider what material the roof was made whether it’s wood, synthetic or metal. We would just observe on how it complements the look and color of the house. Another mainstream thing we consider is the price of the material. As long as it saves money we would go ahead and purchase the house.

Roofs should always be surveyed before making a house purchase or having one built for you. Investing on your roofs will save you more money in the long run rather than just considering it as an ornament for your house. Let’s just say that you have an eye-catching house and your roof complements it as well but the materials use were very low quality; so every two or three years you have it replaced because it may have been damaged by the weather easily.

Roofers Stoke on Trent say here are three simple things you should consider for your roofs:

1. Roof Type Design. The roof design will be the backbone of your roof. It will tell you how much roof you need. There are different types of roofs and these are:
• Gable
• Hip
• Mansard
• Gambrel
• Flat
• Skillion
• Jerkinhead
• Butterfly
• Bonnet
• Saltbox
• Sawtooth
• Curved
• Pyramid
• Dome
• Combination

Roofers Stoke on Trent If you are not familiar with any of these types, you can call your local carpenter to check and get an advice from them on what are the most efficient roof type designs you can use for your house.

2. Roofing Materials. There are different kinds of roofing materials that are available on the market today. There are available roofing materials that can be quality without having to compromise the look of your house. If you like the look of real cedar shake and shingles you can opt for a synthetic one that is more durable but does not require high maintenance and is not too expensive compared to the former.

3. Roof Maintenance. There is no such thing as maintenance-free roofs. Every roof has different levels of durability needed to withstand weather and time. Roofs are always exposed to weather that is neither too cold nor too wet. The best measure you can take is to have it checked and repaired from time to time for your roofs to have a longer life span. If you see any damages there is an available roof repairs Stoke on Trent. You may think that having it maintained is expensive but, in the long run, having it replaced altogether is more expensive.

By considering these simple tips, you will not only save money but take care of your family’s safety as well because, needless to say, roofs are one of our defenses from the outside. You can be sure that you can save money without having to compromise the look of your house by soliciting advice from an expert.