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Roof Repairs in Stafford: Solutions For Your Flat Roof

Three Drainage Solutions For Your Flat Roof

People, since then have been using flat roofs especially for commercial construction. However flat roofs needs the use of proper drainage system for rain and snow to preserve its integrity. Without it, pooling water can occur and cause leaks, deterioration in the roof membrane and ice formation during winter. These are the three types of drainage systems that work best for flat roofs.


These are outlets placed on the edges of the roof. This scuppers drains the water away from the building. They keep the walls of the building dry and prevent the foundation from being destabilized by too much exposure to water. Scuppers are more cost effective than inner drains, but they work best when all of the water is directed to them using a tapered insulation system or a sloped structure. They are a good solution for areas that frequently get heavy rains, but are not ideal for dealing with snow melt. If you need help installing scuppers roofers stoke on Trent can help you accomplish the job.


Gutters are open pipes attached to the edges of the roof. Water runs through them and drains it from the roof and carry away from the building. They are generally the most cost effective drainage solution since they can be attached to a finished roof without any modification to the roof itself. They are also good at dealing with variable levels of rain and snow. As with drains and scuppers, gutters do regularly need to be cleared of debris and cleaned in order to continue functioning properly.

Interior Drains

This is a drainage system with drains placed at intervals near the center of the roof and an internal network of gutters are placed and pipes that move the water to the exterior of the building. The drains are often topped by a strainer that prevents leaves and debris from getting into the pipes. These are often a good solution for large roofs on which water tends to collect in the center. They are aesthetically pleasing because all of the components are located inside the roof and invisible to someone looking at it from the outside. However, these tend to be more costly to install than exterior drainage systems and represent a significant investment.

Deciding what type of drainage is best for your facility should be determined by your engineer or building design team. In addition, you should always make sure that the roofing contractor you hire is experienced in installing all three of these drainage systems. While a proper drainage system design is essential for the overall reliability of the roof, a quality installation ensuring the design is implemented properly is key.

If you are ready to install your roof and drainage system, please call Roofers In Stoke On Trent today to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Roofers In Stoke On Trent: Necessary Roofing Tips For Your Homes

5 Necessary Roofing Tips For your Homes

Your roof is considered to be one of the most costly component of your residential home or building. Installing a roof on a new construction project or replacing an existing roof that has exceeded its life expectancy or suffered storm damage, involves a large portion of your property. To ensure your roofing project is successful, we encourage homeowners and commercial property owners to do a little research and learn about roofing options before starting your next roof replacement. Read more below so you know what to do when you start your next roofing project. Roofers in Stoke on Trent has gathered the 5 best necessary tips on how you can have an efficient roofing project.

Get roofing contractor with roofing certifications because it shows credibility.

When you hire roofing experts like roofers Stoke on Trent to take care of your roofing project. You can trust us that your roof project would be handled professionally and will be installed properly by our team. We have a solid foundation and reputation backed by our certifications. We can assure you that our services will provide years of protection for your property.

Get an expert advice if you need roof repair or roof replace.

At roof repairs Stoke on Trent, we don’t replace what needs to be repaired, we repair what needs to be repaired. We carefully inspect and analyze what really needs to be done and provide honest and accurate written quotes. Making roof repairs can extend the life expectancy of your roof. But, in some cases, continuing to make repairs to a roof that needs to be replaced is no longer cost effective or efficient. We provide free roof inspections and will give you an honest, accurate and trustworthy recommendation. You can trust roofers stoke on Trent to treat you with honesty and integrity.

Keep your annual roof maintenance because it  necessary so don’t skip it.

A new roof installed in your home or building would bring years of protection and low maintenance. But low maintenance doesn’t mean there is no maintenance needed this is very crucial on flat commercial roofs. Roofers Stafford recommends annual roof inspections to prevent minor issues becoming major problems. Commercial roofs especially are susceptible to minor issues if regular checks are not performed. Clogged gutters are a huge problem that we see when going on a call regarding a “roof leak.” Clogged gutters can force water underneath the shingles and down the exterior walls causing major problems including wood rot and rotten windows. What appears to be a roof leak is actually the result of clogged gutters and must be addressed immediately to prevent significant damage.

Get roof estimates for best value and quality.

If you’re looking for a new roof, it is very critical that you look into the quality of roofing system that you will be having. Low cost roofing materials and low cost labor may seem like a great deal! However, in reality using low cost items rarely means a good value – especially in something as complex as a roofing system. Insist on top quality roofing materials from recognized roofing manufacturers. A properly installed roofing system will be back by your roofing contractor, but also backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty if installed by an authorized roofing contractor like Roof Care North Staffs. Hire a roofing contractor that will use quality roofing materials, is experienced in your specific type of roof, has competitive prices, provides exceptional customer service and is certified with the manufacturer. We also recommend asking for references for the specific type of roofing project that you are considering.